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Puppies Guarantee

Instead reinventing the wheel we adapted puppy guarantee from Ed Frawley at
I respect Ed and trust that he has reasonable guarantee policy Puppies Guarantee .
Please read DogsAmerica Puppies Guarantee Policy and feel free to contact us should you have additional concerns.
V Magno vom haus Salztalblick & Ara Crveni Mojestoso
Litter born September 25, 2014, 7 blk, 1/6
4 black females available (PUPPIES pictures)
V- Magno vom Haus Salztalblick
(The German dog that we used as a stud)
Born: Aug.30, 2009
Hips/Elbows: Normal
Schh3 FH1 KKL1 ZW: 80
Sire: Faro van Xazzim Dam: Otessali vom Salztalbli

Ara Crveni Majestoso
IPO3, ZW: 80, Hips/Elbows: Normal
(Imported from Germany)

V Qwei vom Hessischen-Bergland & Namaste's Jasmin Vom Kraftwerk
Litter expected January 20, 2015
Accepting reservation now.

V Qwei vom Hessischen-Bergland
(Imported from Germany)
Born: 06.29.2009 HD / ED normal, SchH3, Kkl1, HD-ZW 76
Sere: Eyko vom Mörfelder Land Dam: Nina vom Hessischen-Bergland
Namaste's Jasmin Vom Kraftwerk
Hips/Elbows: Normal
V Korsan vom Salztalblick & V- Trudy vom Salztalblick
Litter expected February 06, 2015 (repeated breeding)
Accepting reservation now.
V-Korsan vom Salztalblick
(The German dog that we used as a stud)
WT: 09.05.2010 / HD + ED normal / IPO3, FH1, KKL 1
ZB: V, V :Xen vom Haus Pixner - M: Nandy von der Salztal-Höhe
V-Trudy vom haus Salztalblick
Schh3, ZW: 93, Hips/Elbows: normal
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