DogsAmerica Puppy Guarantee Policy

Instead reinventing the wheel we adapted puppy guarantee from Ed Frawley at
I respect Ed and trust that he has reasonable guarantee policy Puppies Guarantee .
Please read DogsAmerica Puppies Guarantee Policy and feel free to contact us should you have additional concerns.

When a customer buys a DogsAmerica puppy we guarantee the following things: The puppies general health is guaranteed for 2 weeks after the date that it is shipped. There are no other implied warranties past 2 weeks other than those mentioned below.
The puppy will have a thorough examination by our veterinarian before being shipped. It will come with a State of California Health Certificate signed by our vet. When the pup is shipped it comes with the health certificate and kennel worming/shots records.
Additional Warranties: The pups ears are warranted to stand. If they are not standing by 4 1/2 months, the owner must contact DogsAmerica Kennels. The pup must be examined by his vet at 5 months of age. The ears must be taped for a period of 4 weeks starting at 4 1/2 months. If they are not standing after 4 weeks of taping the owner must again contact DogsAmerica Kennels and the dog must again be seen by the vet at 6 months of age.
A pup will not be replaced for soft ears unless these procedures are followed and have been documented in our office. We do not have ear problems in our dogs. If a new owner takes the necessary precautions to tape weak ears 99.9% of the time they will stand. It is entirely possible to have a dog whose ears would have stood had they been taped, but they did not stand because the owner has not done his or her share in making sure the ears were properly taken care of.
Customers should know that ears may come up and then go back down when the dog begins to get his adult teeth (at 4 to 5 months). If this happens the ears will ALWAYS come back up after teething.
The male pups are warranteed to have both testicles drop. This part of our warranty expires at 12 months of age. Puppies will not be replaced until 12 months of age. Testicles can drop as late as 18 months. If a pup is replaced because a testicle did not drop, the pup with one testicle MUST BE RETURNED TO OUR KENNEL. There will be no exceptions to this.
Our hip guarantee is a pup replacement guarantee.
The pups hips are warranted to OFA at 2 years of age. This warranty expires when the pup is 28 months old. This means the owner has a 4 month window to have the pup x-rayed and certified by the OFA. If the OFA recommends an additional x-ray in 6 months to issue a certification the owner will rex-ray the dog at 30 months of age. The majority of dogs who are re x-rayed come back with a certification.
We recommend preliminary x-rays at 12 months. If the owner’s vet suspects a problem with the hips, the owner or his vet should send the x-rays to the OFA and ask for a preliminary opinion. A copy of the x-ray must be sent to DogsAmerica Kennels before the dog is replaced. If I determine that the positioning is bad on the x-ray I will not accept that x-ray as grounds for a replacement dog. It seems a great many Vets do not know how to properly position a dog for an x-ray and being out of position even a little can cause a false negative reading.
The hip warranty is non transferable.
It is important to understand that there is a possibility that a puppy from my kennel can develop hip dysplasia, even though every dog we breed has had it’s hips x-rayed and has good hips. In fact every dog in the last 5 generations of our breeding stock has certified hips. But this does not change the fact that German Shepherds all have the ability to produce an occasional bad hips in their off spring. The only way to get a 100% guarantee that a dog does not have bad hips is to purchase an adult dog and have the hips x-rayed before the purchase.
Hip dysplasia has four major causes:

over feeding
too much exercise at a young age

It is felt that genetics play between a 25% and 30% role in a dog having hip dysplasia. This means that new owners can assume a great deal of responsibility (70% to 75%) in their dog developing good hips.
This begins with feeding an all-natural diet. It also means that you should keep your dog thin. Carrying too much weight at a young age is going to add stress on soft puppy bones and you only kid yourself if you think this does not have an effect on skeletal development of a young dog.
New owners need to be very careful of over exercising a pup. This means no jogging until after the dog is 12 months old. This mean not exercising to the point of exhaustion, or taking the pup for long long walks. Around the block is fine, a 2 mile walk is not fine.
In addition I will only replace a pup once. If someone gets two pups from my kennel and both have bad hips, then that person is doing something wrong in the way they raise their dogs and I will not cover any additional replacements.
If a preliminary x-ray or an OFA x-ray is done and the local vet feels that the hips are not going to pass OFA , then the vet must send the x-rays to my kennel with the paperwork. We will send the x-rays onto the OFA after reviewing them. If the local vet does not want to do this, then the owner must ask for a copy of the x-rays so they can be sent to my kennel. No dog will be replaced without us viewing a set of the x-rays. There is NO EXCEPTION to this policy.
If the dog does have bad hips I need to see the x-ray to determine what level of problem exists. This information is used to determine what actually happens to the dog. (i.e. are the hips so bad that the animal will be in pain and it should be put to sleep, or are the hips not good enough to breed but it can live a normal life as a family dog).
We do not warrant the temperament of our puppies. Temperament is determined by genetics and environment. Too often, nice puppies develop temperament problems as a result of the way they were raised. We have no control over environment.
If the dog is to be replaced, it must be returned to DogsAmerica Kennels (at the owners expense). There are no exceptions to this rule. The replacement puppy will be selected by us and be of equal or better quality. The shipping costs of the replacement dog will be the responsibility of the owner.
If the dog is bred before 2 years of age -THIS WARRANTY IS VOID. This does not mean you cannot breed before 2 years. It just means you need to x-ray and be sure of the hips before you breed. We will not replace a dog for bad hips if it has been bred.
Our warranty is a replacement puppy warranty and NOT a money back warranty. We do NOT refund money on replacement dogs. There are no exceptions to this.
All puppies will be registered by “DOGSAMERICA KENNEL.” The puppies will all be microchip .
There are no other implied or intended warranties or guarantees.